Inferno Workouts and Hot Yoga Studio

*Currently operating online via Zoom with some outdoor classes*

Well Trained Studio in Manukau, South Auckland is a vibrant hot studio with great vibes and excellent offerings. We cater to all levels. A lively, unpretentious and friendly space. The studio delivers quality classes and you will notice fast, amazing results. The practice we offer is about prioritizing the self, enjoying the journey of personal progress and results. The studio caters to all levels, understanding every body is different. The heat greatly helps improve your mobility, flexibility, cardiovascular, endurance, skin quality, sweat toxins and much faster recovery, in fact recover the muscles while moving in the heat - your muscles love it. Embrace it, it's a win win.

Workout and strengthen the body, mind, activate and lengthen muscles, stretch, improve your flexibility, mobility, cardiovascular, breath, mindfulness and all round wellness. 

The studio room is unique, warm and inviting with natural light, making for an amazing practice. With a high standard of qualified instructors to guide you through class, you will be motivated, challenged, and feel fast improvements from the variety of practices, plus strength you will build upon - mind and body - on and off the mat. 

"Health is wealth - be sure to prioritize yourself".

Begin with the one month UNLIMITED introductory offer and try all the classes! Book in advance via Well Trained on the Mindbody app. You can also see reviews, class descriptions and the timetable. If you become a member at the studio you get even more perks! We are here to ensure you do well. See you soon, stay well, stay strong. Stay Well Trained.


Amazing classes on offer including online options. Stay strong, stay flexible in your mind, body and try them all...

"Inferno Classes"

Low impact workouts in the heated room - the heat helps raise your heart rate to improve cardiovascular health, benefits skin quality, fluidity in your movement and your muscles love it! Classes may be body weight or include bands and weights (optional). Available for all levels, demos are given and class is to music. Low impact moves protect pounding of your joints and you Will get improved core, stabilization, lean muscle mass, flexibility and mobility from these classes.

"Hot Core & Mobility"

This class is a must! The first part you will work core, abs, and powerhouse strengthening moves. Then move to standing using a Yoga strap for some shoulder flossing and more. Finishing with stretches toward the end of class to recover and lengthen muscles. The heated room assists flexibility, mobility, works your cardiovascular system and you sweat toxins. Replenishing the body, you feel absolutely amazing after. Improvement of a balanced body, lean muscle mass (shaping, definition, core strength) mobility, stabilization, flexibility and active recovery of your muscles.   

"Hot Bikram Yoga"

26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, to stretch and strengthen. Our hottest class, delivering health through balancing and strengthening the body. Simulating organs, glands, nerves, delivers fresh oxygenated blood and restores your systems to a healthy working order. Preventing illness and limits effects of ageing. Encourages patience, determination, self control and increased mental clarity. Your body will feel amazing from the hot practices.


Yin Yang Yoga

A calming yet active and challenging class to improve flexibility, mobility, mindfulness, breathing and de stress by improving mental clarity. Suitable for all levels, demos are given and the class is to music. 

"Hot Boxing" 

Hot Boxing at Well Trained Studio! Work your cardiovascular even more whilst boxing and improve on skills and notice more fluidity through the muscles with the heat. Must bring your own gloves and pre book. Prior Boxing experience is beneficial. 

Register by booking in via the Well Trained Studio on the MindBody app.

⚡ Remember, magic and possibilities happen outside of your comfort zone.⚡

1 Jack Conway Ave, Manukau City, Auckland. 

If you are feeling unwell please do not attend the studio until you are recovered. We thank you kindly.


“Turn every experience into an opportunity. Practice patience. Stay strong, consistent, and remember that giving up won't get you to where you want to go.”


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