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So many options, be sure to try them all! We even have online if you aren't in the area.

Inferno Hot Pilates/HIIT Pilates is a fun workout to music, using Interval Training and Pilates principals to focus on form, alignment, mind body connection and correct muscle engagement. You will long improve lean muscle mass, improve your flexibility, stabilization and strength, mobility, posture, a balanced body and we work a lot on glute and core (powerhouse). You will get noticeably fast results and feel stronger every class.

The studio is heated so you sweat toxins, burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health. Low impact moves protect your joints, and suitable for all levels as modifications and advancements are offered. The most active class, you notice improvements quickly and this class will also strengthen your Yoga practice due to improving core strength and activating stabilizer muscles (which you use for balance).

Inferno 45 includes lots of core and some low impact cardio exercises. Similar to the most popular class on offer- Inferno Hot Pilates, the structure changes somewhat to fit a very effective results driven workout in a 45 minute session.

Inferno LAB focuses on getting the burn and keeping time under tension for great results. Inferno LAB (Legs Abs Butt) - You will activate core, glutes, stabilizer and micro muscles... Your powerhouse! 

Resistance bands and weights may be used. Suitable for all levels as modifications and advancements will be offered through class. Take what you need to challenge your body - we understand every body is different, you will feel the burn, enjoy it.

Hot Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 postures and stats and finished with a breathing exercise. The 90 minute class repeats every posture twice. The 75min repeats most twice and the 60 repeats some postures twice. Each posture stretches and strengthens muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints, a 360 full body stretch, inside out bones to skin! Delivers health through balancing and strengthening every system in the body. The method stimulates organs, glands, nerves and delivers fresh oxygenated blood to your body, helping to restore systems to a healthy working order. Prevents illness and injury, promote weight loss and limit the effects of ageing. 

Yoga encourages you to practice concentration, patience, determination and self control that increases mental clarity and reduces stress. You will feel the difference and feel amazing after!

Hot Yoga Flow. A calming yet active and challenging class to greatly increase flexibility, mobility, mindfulness of the body, the breath and mental clarity.
You will be given poses to help open the hips, stretch the hamstrings, the whole body. Studio is heated to aid with flexibility, to sweat toxins, raise your cardiovascular and your muscles love the heat.
Suitable for all levels, demos are given and the class is to music. Enjoy a satisfying practice, as you guide you body and mind to greater wellness that you take with you and benefit from, on and off the mat.

Yin Yoga is a restorative practice, getting deep into your fascia (connective tissue) and releasing tension. Very good to rebalance, good for mobility, flexibility and calmness of the mind and soul.  Poses are held longer Yin Yoga to regenerate and detox the body and flush your organs and internal systems with fresh oxygenated blood. The class finishes with Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation to completely relax the mind. You will feel de stressed, more balanced and grounded afterwards. 

Non heated. Enjoy the relaxation, a much needed practice amongst the busy lifestyles of the modern world.

A Guided Restorative Sound Bowl Journey using a set of seven hand crafted Tibetan Singing Bowls, an instrument that has been used in ancient healing therapies. The bowls create a centering effect which causes the left and right side of the brain to synchronize with one another, bring the brain into a Theta state the rest and recovery mode, this may help to promote deep relaxation, peace and calmness. 
You may sometimes feel discomfort with some sounds, if something's needs aligning with your chakras. No worries - it will all help. Just go with it. The sound and vibration created by the bowls act like a type of energy medicine. The frequencies work with each of the seven main Chakras of the body.
So restorative for the body, mind and soul.Non heated, pillows are available if you wish to use, as you are laying down for nearly all of class. 

The Fusion Classes are unique, engaging and fun, a special treat from Well Trained Studio! Be sure to try one of our most popular, "Core/Strength/Yoga Fusion" with Lou and Yasmin both teaching. Practice two modalities in one class and it is different every time, and always to music. Demos, modifications and advancements offered - making it suitable for all levels. There is an instructor change halfway through!

We offer Zoom!

Look out for them on the timetable nearly every day! Your qualified Zoom Instructor will give visual demos and verbal ques as they guide you through class. Remember you are responsible for your self and modifying as you need. 

Be mindful of your own body know you cannot go as deeper into a stretch or a move without the heated room. It will feel different, so adapt with it and always give it your best effort.

Always free for direct debit studio members or $8 per class otherwise. If it is your first time with us, welcome, please book so we know to expect you or book in via Mindbody. You can have your video on or off, but please introduce yourself if you are new.

Well Trained Zoom Meeting ID is 2727804210 and please join 5-10 mins before class starts, mute yourself and be ready to go! 

Studio playlists are on Spotify, contact us for the link.

See you soon!

For Well Trained Instructional Concepts and Development Workshops, email Lou at for more information or to arrange a booking.

For businesses/companies, leaders, instructors and individuals wanting to build upon or refresh current knowledge. Trainings are also held at the studio every few months.
Gary (studio owner Lou's father) is a retired Fast Jet Pilot and Instructor, bringing 25 years + instructing experience. He will share his valuable knowledge to you. Trained by the Royal Air Force in the UK, Fast Jet training school, then Instructed at Sea Harrier Training School. From there he then flew for Air NZ, then a Flight Simulator Instructor. Achieving the highest category of Instructor Qualifications from both the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy, and having trained over 100 Air New Zealand intake pilots. 

Well Trained owner Lou is alongside her Dad assisting with the training and will input from the perspective and experience of a studio owner, operator and instructor. You will be in good hands and you will be Well Trained! Bookings essential, email to enquire 

Topics covered:
Instructing, Public Speaking, Confidence, Credibility of self, Psychology of the student, How to question, Gathering constructive feedback, Basic and advanced instructional techniques, Leadership, Learning styles, Culture, Professionalism and Punctuality, Analysis of student Performance.

Well Trained studio offers private classes for groups, collabs, and studio hire. Contact today to enquire, email Lou:


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