An amazing variety of classes on offer, suitable for all levels of fitness, beginner to advanced. Modifications and advancements are given, you get out what you put in. You can book up to 12 days in advance on the app. Enjoy the heat, it will give you a better training intensity, makes you more mobile, flexible and dynamic. It's great for skin, cardiovascular system, you burn more calories, plus your muscles are already warm and activated before your class even begins!


Inferno Hot Pilates / HIIT Pilates: A fun full body workout to music, using the (HIIT) Interval Training method (sets of work then rest). The workout incorporates Pilates principles with a focus on form, alignment, core, mind body connection and correct muscle engagement, with the help of your Instructor. Improve lean muscle (tone and definition without BULK), endurance, flexibility, mobility, posture and strength.

Inferno 50:  A full body low impact workout! Similar to Inferno Pilates but a 50 minute full body session. ​

Inferno LAB: Legs, Abs, Booty - getting the muscle burn by keeping time under tension. You will activate core, glutes, stabilizer and micro muscles. Resistance bands and weights may be used, always optional. 

Mashup 45: A fun 45 minute heated workout with weights, resistance band, and exercises to target the full body. Your instructor will demo each exercise. Hand weights will be used, modifications and advancements are always available! 


Hot Core and Mobility:  This class is a must! Unique to Well Trained Studio, an enjoyable and effective well rounded, much needed class. Necessary for all. Also helps if you do other sports. Improves your flexibility, stabilization, powerhouse core strength, balance, Shoulder and hip mobility, and will help fix in-balances and release emotional tension by holding longer stretches. You will feel amazing after, noticing improvements from your first class.​


Hot Yoga Flow: A calming yet active and challenging class to improve flexibility, mindfulness, breathing and mental clarity. You will feel grounded and more in tune with your body as Yoga encourages you to practice concentration, patience, determination, self control and reduces stress. Monday 6.45pm, we focus on hips and shoulders.

Hot Yoga - Back Strengthening: Yoga poses are held for longer, with a focus on helping relieve back pain/prevent it, and obviously thus improving posture. 

Core Yoga: A Well Trained special class to improve flexibility of your body and improve core strength. Abs/core moves are mixed in with Yoga stretches to make for a WIN WIN class!

Hot Bikram Yoga: The hottest class and a 360° stretch. Very good to benefit posture and to stretch the back. Class consists of 26 Yoga postures. Delivers health through balancing and strengthening every system in the body. Stimulating organs, glands, nerves and delivers fresh oxygenated blood to your body, helping to restore systems to a healthy working order. Prevents illness and injury, promote weight loss and limit the effects of ageing. 

Stretch and Release Yin Yoga: Studio is heated to approx 28°, and poses are held for longer to get deep into the bodies connective tissue (fascia) to greatly release tension and improve flexibility. Many benefits for the mind aswel as the body from this practice. Feel far more grounded and balanced afterward, ready to start you week rejuvenated. Find this on a Sunday at 5pm.


Well Trained studio offers private classes at $200 per session, tailored to you. We also offer Workplace Wellness Packages and Memberships! We can travel to your workplace by arrangement, or organise a set of 4 classes catered to your team at the Studio, outside of the Studio's timetable hours.

Well Trained also do collabs with local businesses to help support NZ Business, and we also offer studio hire for teachers, for events and for teacher trainings or workshops. Contact today to enquire, email Lou: info@welltrained.co.nz


ZOOM Classes taught live from the Studio. Your qualified Instructor will give visual demos and verbal ques as they guide you through class. Remember you are responsible for your self and modifying as you need. Be mindful of your own body know you cannot go as deeper into a stretch or a move without the heated room. For login info, please email Lou: welltrainednz@gmail.com


Sound Bowl Healing: A soothing Sound Bath experience occurs as a pop up special at the Studio on a Sunday at 5pm. Relax the mind, increase your sense of wellbeing and bodies natural stimulation of healing, feel refreshed and help rebalance your chakras and energy. You lay in peace while sound bowls are being played to you. You can really feel the Crystal Sound Bowls travel through you and its an amazing experience! A must try, bring a pillow and a towel or throw to put over you.