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Owner, Operator and Instructor, Lou loves good vibes, community, movement, hot yoga, training in a variety of styles, and is a Hot HIIT Inferno enthusiast! Her favourite style due to the many benefits of training in the heat. Seeing consistent results and life changing improvements of practitioners, from the practices she is grateful to offer at the studio. Lou is as appreciative as ever to share her passion to benefit others, and to create a welcoming unpretentious space. Thriving on delivering a good time and helping each individual to help themselves - with efficient fast results for the mind and body via fitness, mindset, wellness and self development. A natural and genuine motivator, Lou is understanding every one and every body is different. Experienced in a very dynamic and broad range of fitness styles, Lou brings experience and knowledge from many reputable fitness studios around the world. Her attidude, experience in training and leadership will also assist you to get your best results. Always genuinely encouraging, motivating and a promoter of self accountability. Continuing to upskill and think outside the box, to bring you the best, from the hottest studio around. Lou is also big into community collaborations to share experiences, exercise and movement to better people's wellbeing. Enjoy the encouragement, passion, motivation and positive environment you are given at the studio.

Lou - Owner, Operator, Instructor 


Yolanda is a fitness enthusiast and New Zealands first Inferno L.A.B trained Instructor, stoked to have her on the Well Trained team. She loves all the studio has to offer, especially the Inferno classes for the kick ass workout. You can also find Yolanda DJ-ing, personal training, studying toward personal development plus staying fit and active. With a focus on positive mindset, effective movements and results, you will be in good hands.

Yolanda Maletino - Inferno Instructor


A Hot Yoga enthusiast, Craig has a genuine grateful love of life, the world we live in and the yoga we practice. Yoga for Craig has become the love of life which gives a life of love.

His Bikram Yoga journey began in Brisbane 2008. He has taught worldwide and is a very experienced teacher, who will no doubt strengthen your practice and you. He looks forward to seeing you soon at the studio. Any questions you have before or after class always ask - Craig is happy to help! 


Stan Matarao is a well known credible boxing instructor experienced in a range of MMA. From South Auckland.He will give you an amazing session on hand pads with tips and techniques, the heat will challenge your cardiovasular further...  A must try if you have some boxing experience. Saturday 6.30am at the studio. Enjoy his expert instruction, bring your own gloves and have fun!

Stan Mataroa - Hot Boxing 


Michal is a kind and friendly qualified Instructor 

Michal - Hot Bikram Yoga Instructor


Qualified Yoga Instructor

Hafsa Mughal


Shardasia’s natural and genuine passion for holistic health, wellness and mindful living drew her to Rishikesh, India to complete her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. She learnt Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini Tantra Yoga techniques, Reiki and Sound Therapy. 
We are so grateful to have her share her passion as part of the Well Trained team. Look out for her special Sound Bowl Healing class. She is a powerful soul and healer, and also offers privates at the studio with Crystal Sound Bowl healing, Reiki, Oracle Card Readings and more. Contact the studio for more information 



Upon experiencing the transformational power of Yoga and Meditation, Yasmin knew she needed to share it with as many people as possible. Yasmin's Yoga sessions draw on a variety of ideas and techniques from ancient yogic philosophies while incorporating an understanding of physiology, anatomy and modern psychology to help guide the body and the mind to wellness.

You will love Yasmin's genuine, down to earth energy, knowledge and clear direction and guidance during class. Plus look out for her teacher training workshops on Sundays at Well Trained! To enquire email

Yasmin - Yoga Instructor


Qualified Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor. Steve is cool, calm and collected in his style of teaching. A friendly and down to earth instructor, Steve will give you an amazing, challenging workout. Funny photo - our regular Faiyaz in his own pink customized version of a Well Trained tee! So good.

Steve Hilson - Inferno Hot Pilates


Meet the awesome Beth! Qualified Hot Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa and YIN Instructor. Originally from America. She loves New Zealand and loves yoga. Win win. Her favourite quote is:

'The magic you're looking for is in the work you're avoiding'. Enjoy Beth's clear instructions and calm nature. You will be in good hands and you will be Well Trained!


Qualified Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor 

Michelle Yan - Inerno Hot Pilates Instructor


Meet Gary, head Trainer for the Well Trained Instructional Concepts Workshop, presented by Well Trained Studio. Outsourcing to businesses/companies, leaders, instructors and individuals wanting to build upon or refresh current knowledge. Trainings are also held at the studio every few months.
Gary (owner Lous Dad) is a retired Fast Jet Pilot and Instructor, bringing 25 years + instructing experience. He will share his valuable knowledge to you. Trained by the Royal Air Force in the UK, Fast Jet training school, then Instructed at Sea Harrier Training School. From there he then flew for Air NZ, then a Flight Simulator Instructor. Achieving the highest category of Instructor Qualifications from both the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy, and having trained over 100 Air New Zealand intake pilots. 

Well Trained owner Lou is alongside her Dad assisting with the training and will input from the perspective and experience of a studio owner, operator and instructor.

You will be in good hands and you will be Well Trained! Bookings essential, email to enquire 

Topics covered:
Instructing, Public Speaking, Confidence, Credibility of self, Psychology of the student, How to question, Gathering constructive feedback, Basic and advanced instructional techniques, Leadership, Learning styles, Culture, Professionalism and Punctuality, Analysis of student Performance.

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Written review for Well Trained Studio - Thankyou x

Maneesha - Testimonial


I love going to Well Trained. Lou the owner is an awesome chick, she has an amazing aura, nothing is ever a problem, she makes you feel welcome and genuinely follows up on your progress. Customer service is everything to me. I plan to sign up as a member. The instructors deliver clear instructions and are super supportive. They don’t push you, they motivate you.
Note: do not be scared of the heat, you will get used to it. It helps you bend and stretch better. The studio is clean and smells great before and after class. Participants are of all ages, shapes and sizes with different levels of fitness, everyone is welcome. Give it ago with a friend or two. The studio offers a range of classes if you just want to Zen or need a burning workout. Try one of the trial offers first. I did.

Jasmine Samuel - Testimonial


Thank you for opening this Well Trained Studio in Manukau. It is such a warm and welcoming environment, very clean and absolutely beautiful decorations always filled with a calming aroma and freshness. I am absolutely enjoying all the variety of classes offered. It has really helped me not only physically but also mentally. Anyone practicing here will never want to go back to a Gym... Lou and her instructors are full of passionate and energy every time they teach, very positive and encouraging to help me reach my goals. Thank you Lou for looking after us.

Madhu - Google Review 


Truly love well trained Manukau. The vibe and atmosphere is fantastic. Training is never boring. Always looking forward to going to this place. Friendly staff, make you feel comfortable and they all make a genuine effort to encourage you to do the best you can. Extremely neat and clean place for training. Thanks Lou and the team.

Vinita Prasad - Written Testimonial


Love the core and glute work. Epic, fun, entertaining, and powerful. Thanks I will definitely be back again soon!

Cynthia Boisvert - Testimonial


Awesome Vinyasa class, great workout!

Lina - Testimonial


I haven't done any form of exercises nearing two years. I was feeling unfit and nervous to attend the pilates class. I talked myself out of it a few times prior to my first class. But I am so glad I built the courage and showed up on the mat. Now 3 weeks on I am loving it and I look forward to each of my class. I have done similar style pilates before but I used to dread going to those classes. There is a sense of calm in the way Lou runs the class. Lou is the anchor to my busy chaotic days ☺

Dimple G - Testimonial


Kind, patient and knowledgable yoga teacher. I enjoyed the class!

Ahmed - Testimonial


You are so passionate and energetic everytime you teach and I love it! Thanks Lou.

Lotti Kurusa - Testimonial