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A team of friendly, passionate Instructors to guide you through your class

Instructors: Welcome

Studio Owner and Instructor, Lou, loves good vibes, community and is a passionate enthusiast for exercise. With a love of mindfulness and movement. She loves many modalities especially Hot Yoga, Inferno HIIT Pilates, Core Mobility, Martial Arts, plus amazing deep mindful offerings of Sound Bowls, Reiki and Angelic Reiki. The HEATED Studio has MANY rewarding benefits and this is why Lou chooses the Hot Studio to operate. Breath control, endurance, better mobility, functionality, muscles love it and it prevents injury, sweating is good for you and your skin, and it encapsulates you further into the poses. Seeing and hearing the positive results and life changing improvements for people is very rewarding. Lou is appreciative to be able to provide this uplifting environment to others and continues to upskill to bring her best. With a vast range of experience in the fitness industry and wellness practices, and helping to mentor and upskill others. A genuine motivator, understanding every one and every body is different, yet at the same time IT IS up to you and your self accountability.

Enjoy the welcoming and warm studio space without any judgement. Thriving to help each individual help themselves - mind and body, via fitness, wellness, health and self development. The amazing team of Well Trained Instructors will ensure you improve on your health and well being. Commit to the practices, be patient, stay consistent and grateful.

Lou - Owner, Operator, Instructor 

Instructors: Lou - Owner, Instructor

Yolanda is a firey, fun, passionate instructor. Trained at the Studio, she has come so far! She is New Zealand's first ever Inferno L.A.B Instructor, a qualified personal trainer and fitness/health enthusiast. Yo is also a DJ, so guarantees to always deliver an epic playlist alongside an epic hot workout!

Instructors: Yolanda - Inferno Instructor

A Hot Yoga enthusiast, Craig has a genuine grateful love of life, the world we live in and the yoga we practice. Yoga for Craig has become the love of life which gives a life of love.

His Bikram Yoga journey began in Brisbane 2008. He has taught worldwide and is a very experienced teacher, who will no doubt strengthen your practice and you. He looks forward to seeing you soon at the studio. Any questions you have before or after class always ask - Craig is happy to help! 

Craig  - Yoga Instructor

Instructors: Craig - Hot Bikram Yoga

Gamo is a South Auckland based Samoan yoga teacher who’s practiced yoga and meditation for over 10 years. A supportive down to earth Instructor, Gamo is passionate about wellness, yoga and meditation and to make it more accessible for the South Auckland community. She strongly believes in the amazing practices for strengthening the body/mind/spirit. To be able to support people through their Yoga journey is a real honour for Gamo!

Gamo - Yoga Instructor

Instructors: Gamo - Yoga Instructor

About Mary Anne - "I started practicing Bikram Yoga fifteen years ago after my daughter suggested I try it for my lower back pain. After years of running and long distance driving, I struggled to get out of bed some mornings and bending over to put shoes on was impossible. After practicing for 3-4 weeks my back pain had gone, I felt so much better and was in love with this healing practice. I love teaching others and watching their postures change over time. Also seeing their overall physical and mental well-being improve. As a mother of five and granny to six, I want to have a long, healthy and happy life. I believe practicing this challenging yoga has set me on my way."

Instructors: Mary Anne - Yoga Instructor
Instructors: Leon - Inferno Instructor

"Leon the legend" is a qualified Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor. A big believer in the connection between body movement and mental wellbeing. Leon’s passion is to help others find a positive life change in body movement. 4 years ago he decided to take up Hot Yoga, then did a Hot HIIT Pilates class and the rest is history! Leon trained in the unique class known as Inferno Hot Pilates, also studied Personal Training, and also works as a Graphic designer. He made the move to train in fitness, to help others be the best versions of themselves. He brings great vibes, great demos and explanations of moves!


Pedro practised his first hot yoga class in 2016, he struggled through it and hated it. But not one to let anything get the better of him he persisted and the constant back pain from working in hospitality, paving, and stonemasonry, was gone. He has been practising ever since!
When Inferno Hot HIIT Pilates was introduced he gave it a go and has been hooked ever since. He believes that these two practises are the perfect combination for a healthy body and mind. Pedro encourages everybody from all walks of life, any body shape and fitness level to come give it go, and loves helping and watching people progress through their fitness journey

Instructors: Pedro - Yoga and Pilates Instructor

My name is D and I recently completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. I've been practicing Yoga for 2 years and love to train various different modalities including martial arts, running and yoga. I also enjoy creating in the kitchen and reading novels. I love teaching Yoga, helping others to achieve a more flexible body and greater mindfulness. Building a better connection for your self (mind and body) is the best part!

Instructors: Dee - Yoga Instructor

Cheryl is our beautiful talented Sound Bath lady! Pop up classes, next one November 19th at 5pm. 75min Sound Healing Session.
Enjoy a Sound Bath full of healing vibrations from a wide range of singing bowls. Such a beautiful way enhance your self-care. The bowls frequencies have the ability to entrain the brain and entice it to slow down. This makes it ideal for those who find it hard to relax and also very helpful for experienced meditators who want to dive deeper. Clears blockages and activates Chakras, bringing more of a sense of grounding and harmony. 75mins NON HEATED class, lay in peace in Savadana while the bowls are being played to you. Bring a pillow, Yoga Mat and towel or throw.


Cheryl - Sound Bowls

Instructors: Cheryl - Sound Bowl Healing Sessions
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