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"I love going to Well Trained Studio. I have improved so much in my core strength, endurance, and am encouraged to keep a motivated mindset and good habits. Have become much more consistent in my healthy lifestyle all thanks to the studio. Amazing community and thanks so much for changing my life for the better!"

Raj Lal - Google Review


If I could give Well Trained more than 5 stars I would!! I started almost 3 months ago and have loved every minute of it. Its great for all experience levels. The well trained community was so welcoming and supportive when I first joined which along with a killer workout has me hooked.

Sam B - Google Review


"A great place to get a workout and a great community. There’s class for everyone at any skill level from a complete beginner to someone who has been working out for years. The teachers are always great willing to help you modify so you get the best out of the class!! Also everyone who goes is always so supportive and makes you always want to come back."

Emma B - Google Review


Amazing Hot Core and Mobility class Lou. You are so good, enthusiastic and help everyone to take the challenge and explore their potential. Love your classes. Keep up your good work. Thank you!

Neelam G - Mindbody Review


Well trained is one of the best fitness centres I've ever been to. They offer various classes to all fitness levels that are challenging but so fun. All the trainers are amazing and the owner Lou is super supportive and encouraging. This place is such good value for money also. Love coming here.

Kim D - Google Review


As your typical "stubborn male", conventional gyms and rugby was all the training I needed, so the first initial thought to part take in a yoga/pilates cracked me up! 3 months on, it was the best decision I have made and what started as an intro week has now become a lifestyle. Lou and her amazing team are dedicated. The tailored yoga/pilates practises are a perfect mix of strength, flow, deep breathing and most of all relaxation mixed in with a whole lot of sweat!! This studio is perfect filled with the best energy.

I would highly recommend trialling if you are looking to challenge your mind aswel as your body!

Piri M - Google Review


Billy Wu - Google Review

"The studio has really good energy. Very friendly instructors who are positive with their encouragements, and students who are genuinely nice to be around. A real community vibe. Plus Lou is awesome so I plan to keep training here on the path toward strength and flexibility."

Siyi - Mindbody Review

"Good start to a Friday morning. Craig is great at what he does. Guiding us through the Bikram poses and helping us use the right parts of the body to get the full stretch! Also love Lou’s Pilates classes. This time around my butt was on fire, great class! Great people! Nothing gets better then that!"

Ilze - Mindbody Review

Inferno Hot Pilates, already the best class ever... Just even better in the morning. I love how I feel afterwards, always a positive vibe!

Lolo - Google Review

"Love love love the classes with Yolanda (l.a.b. and Inferno)... love the vibes all round, highly recommend. Atmosphere is welcoming and you can be yourself without feeling like you are being judged".

Zabeena - Google Review

Love the vibe. Positive and supportive culture with nice and clean facilities... I love all the classes, tried Yasmins Yin Yoga Nidra for the first time today and loved it!"

Annie B - Google Review

Lou I love your studio! The varied classes, I love them and the instructors are so professional yet caring!


"Never thought I'd come to a yoga/pilates class! Started in February and I'm still here... Love it. Love the vibe, love the classes and love how its helping me physically. Awesome Lou and all the instructors that take the classes... Highly recommend all to try"

Piki - Google Review


I have never been a morning person, but the encouraging, welcoming and friendly staff at Well Trained environment has me up every morning for my 6.30 class. I learnt a lot of new things related to my practice, and I have advanced a lot since I started. Excellent instructors who correct poses. Very clean environment I would highly recommend Well Trained NZ to everyone , Value for Money FUN FOR EVERYONE!!!

Sunita - Testimonial


The studio has a great vibe, Lou’s a fantastic trainer with loads of energy! I've never done Inferno Hot Pilates before and went into the session with no expectations. It's a fantastic workout and will definitely go again!

Aman - Testimonial


Truly love well trained Manukau. The vibe and atmosphere is fantastic. Training is never boring. Always looking forward to going to this place. Friendly staff, make you feel comfortable and they all make a genuine effort to encourage you to do the best you can. Extremely neat and clean place for training. Thanks Lou and the team.

Vinita Prasad - Written Testimonial


Written review for Well Trained Studio - Thankyou x

Maneesha - Testimonial


I love going to Well Trained. Lou the owner is an awesome chick, she has an amazing aura, nothing is ever a problem, she makes you feel welcome and genuinely follows up on your progress. Customer service is everything to me. I plan to sign up as a member. The instructors deliver clear instructions and are super supportive. They don’t push you, they motivate you.
Note: do not be scared of the heat, you will get used to it. It helps you bend and stretch better. The studio is clean and smells great before and after class. Participants are of all ages, shapes and sizes with different levels of fitness, everyone is welcome. Give it ago with a friend or two. The studio offers a range of classes if you just want to Zen or need a burning workout. Try the intro offer. I did!

Jasmine Samuel - Testimonial


"Again awesome Inferno Hot Pilates class, addicted to this class awesome instructor Lou... Always gives you options and make you feel welcome."

Steph T - Mindbody Review


First time at Well Trained and it certainly won’t be my last. Sunday night Yin with Emma was a fantastic way to end a long busy week! Looking forward to the next session.

Juanita - Mindbody Review


Thank you for opening this Well Trained Studio in Manukau. It is such a warm and welcoming environment, very clean and absolutely beautiful decorations always filled with a calming aroma and freshness. I am absolutely enjoying all the variety of classes offered. It has really helped me not only physically but also mentally. Anyone practicing here will never want to go back to a Gym... Lou and her instructors are full of passionate and energy every time they teach, very positive and encouraging to help me reach my goals. Thank you Lou for looking after us.

Madhu - Google Review 


Wow new record of 418 calories burned in 60 minutes Inferno Hot Pilates. Love the kick ass class Lou!

Siyi - Mindbody Review


"Inferno LAB - Favourite class.🔥 Legs, Abs, Booty will get in formation if you keep coming to this class. It burns but you will reap the rewards. Your abs, booty and legs will thank you. Thanks Yo! Great sweat to great music. Variety of exercises to get your heart pumping. Can be sure to do lanny's fav chacha move and then finish it off with a minute plank. Highly recommend. 💯 The class to do if you want your 🍑 goals."

Mary - Testimonial


I haven't done any form of exercises nearing two years. I was feeling unfit and nervous to attend the pilates class. I talked myself out of it a few times prior to my first class. But I am so glad I built the courage and showed up on the mat. Now 3 weeks on I am loving it and I look forward to each of my class. I have done similar style pilates before but I used to dread going to those classes. There is a sense of calm in the way Lou runs the class. Lou is the anchor to my busy chaotic days ☺

Dimple G - Testimonial


Mate that Hot Yoga class was awesome! Been wanting to try for 10 years. My back felt amazing, you guys will see me again. Was just awesome!

Norman - Testimonial


Awesome classes with Craig always - he is very attentive to all his students. And such a great space to practice hot yoga, still feels fresh and spacious despite the sweat!

Megan Douglas - Testimonial


Mele - Mindbody Review

"Enjoyed the energy in today’s class. Started off not being able to do mountain climbers as fast as others but today I feel that I smashed it out. Awesome feeling afterwards. Love it Lou. A hot sweaty and sexy mess!!! That’s a feeling you get when you know you’ve had a great workout with Lou. Have not had a session where you leave feeling disappointed. Fired up and ready to go with the next one. Bring it on!"


Great 90 minute hot yoga class. Craig provides clear guidance on postures, what part of body, muscle being used and provides advice for little changes that I can make to improve the posture. Demonstrations have helped me improve my postures. Highly recommend Well Trained, facilities are great and instructors are supportive and great at what they do.

Rachel Brown -  Testimonial


Great class thanks Lou - your classes make me come back which is pretty amazing given I was adamant I didn’t even like pilates! Definitely getting stronger...

Kiri S - Testimonial


Positive and encouraging, you make everyone feel welcome. It feels great to be a part of that. I love Lou’s classes, online and in person. She’s a positive and expert teacher and I can see the benefits. I’m stronger and the classes are helping my recovery from from a shoulder injury. And because the classes are low impact I’m confident. Lou also has great music and manages every individuals needs very well. Thankyou!

 Gill Palmer - Testimonial


Love the core and glute work. Epic, fun, entertaining, and powerful. Thanks I will definitely be back again soon!

Cynthia Boisvert - Testimonial


"I would have given the Inferno Hot Pilates class 10 stars but it only went to 5."

Piri - Testimonial


"It is a great experience coming to well trained. Love my trainers Lou and Yolanda . Hot room is just awesome. Most enjoyed work out classes ever."

Jagdeep - Testimonial


Thanks for pushing me to do my best. I always feel great afterwards and get a good sweat on, thankyou!

Ruby Abraham - Testimonial

Well Trained

Lou is a superb fitness instructor! Love the clear instruction, directions, knowledge on muscle groups. Also love your playlists in group classes, and what gets me through is your laughter and humour. Thankyou!

Sarah Spencer - Testimonial


Classes are always well planned and seeing a noticable difference fast. Lou also trained me during lockdown. I'm usually a couch potato and did at least one class a day with Lou online and loved every one. I am feeling so much better. My plank holds, technique and cardio improved fast. It was lots of fun, and now have an regular fitness routine, when in Auckland I'm in her classes, otherwise we do online Zoom!

Belinda - Lou's Mum x

1 Jack Conway Ave

You are so passionate and energetic everytime you teach and I love it! Thanks Lou.

Lotti Kurusa - Testimonial


Kind, patient and knowledgable yoga teacher. I enjoyed the class!

Ahmed - Testimonial


Brilliant and great energy. Lou is very focused on making sure you get the best workout and designed to your body type. I always feel so fulfilled after her classes. Very motivating and funny, and love her music! She’ll get your body in shape in no time. Looking forward to next class!

Emilie Colson - Testimonial