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Studio opens 15 min before class start time and closes 15 minute after class has finished.

Please always be respectful of yourself and others. Always giving it YOUR best effort, we don't judge and we thrive from a welcoming friendly environment.

Do not leave the studio room during class, as the alarm will go off. 

Inform your instructor of any injuries or concerns and always feel free to ask the instructors before or after class if you have questions. 

Do not be on your phone during class, no recordings. Phones must be OFF or on silent, this is your time away from gadgets. ENJOY IT.

Please don't bring valuables into the studio or leave them in your car, be streetwise. We are not responsible for your items, be self accountable in all respects.

Free parking on site, 2 hour parking on the street Mon - Fri.

Avoid eating a heavy at 1-2 hours before class. You can have a light snack before class. Healthy eating goes so well alongside fitness.

Electrolytes, coconut water, and magnesium will help with hydration and recovery.  Refuel your body with nutritious food to help with wellness, recovery, and include protein for muscle repair.

You have to be signed in for class and everyone must fill out a waiver on their first visit. We have the right to refuse you. do not attend the studio if you sick.


Benefits of a heated studio:

1. Assists weight loss

Exercising at the hot studio will ensure you work up a sweat! Your heart rate and metabolic rate increase, burning more calories and importantly improving your cardiovascular fitness and endurance

2. Better blood circulation

Increased body temperature and a quicker heartbeat means that your heart pumps blood faster to your body tissue. Better circulation = better blood flow. Thus muscles recover faster, and  more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your tissues.

3. Sweat the toxins

There’s something about sweating it all out that feels so rejuvenating, and science has evidence to back it up. Sweating helps remove harmful toxins that reside in our bodies, like heavy metals and environmental pollutants. This release in toxins strengthens your immune systems and digestive system, so the gift keeps on giving.

4. Your muscles love it and better flexibility

Everyone in the fitness world stresses the importance of warming up and stretching before exercising. When you’re in the heated room, the heat loosens your muscles and warms up your body much faster. The heat greatly increases your flexibility in moves, and you’ll be less prone to injuries. This heat can heal aching muscles and joint pain by reducing inflammation and speeding up recovery process.

5. Great for your skin

The heated studio stimulates the production of collagen, which is the most abundant protein in the body. More collagen means less wrinkles, better skin tone and stronger skin elasticity. When you exercise in the heat, your skin will look healthier, softer, clearer, younger and more radiant.

6. Improves mood

Everyone seems to be looking to reduce stress levels and feel more Zen. Exercise, movement and the heat boosts our serotonin levels, which makes us feel happier. We also focus on mindfulness and breathing, listening to the body and increasing your lung capacity. Deep breathing calms the nervous system and the heat will add to your endorphin flow. You’ll leave the studio feeling amazing and well accomplished.

7. It's the X-Factor

It is EXTRA! The heat is an added challenge, it will make your heart pump way faster, because it needs to push more blood toward the skin in an effort to keep you feeling cool. Improving the cardiovascular system and upping the training intensity, mind and body. Train both, they both go hand in hand, strong body strong mind.


You must be pre booked for class so we know to expect you.You can see the timetable and book classes via the Studio Mindbody app. Favourite the studio and get booking! Link here

Please book with full intention of showing up, and allow time to set up your mat etc, on time is late. Must email or present your vaccine pass before or on your first visit. Late cancellations may incur a charge. There is a 2 hour window but please allow 24 hours notice if you need to cancel, so if there is a waitlist it gives the other practitioners a chance for the space. OF course do not attend if unwell or self iolating.



"Be prepared to be a beginner every day".

Modifications and advancements are offered in classes. If you are new, give yourself time, it will take a few classes to get your groove. Every body is at different and we understand this. We are here to help, to challenge, to help you see your potential and improve vastly on your health and wellbeing.

Every class you will gain something new. Try all the classes, there are many benefits from each class and it is good to have variety in your practice.

Demos are given in all classes except Bikram, where the instructor cues verbally and only class is without music. You can follow with the regular practitioners and give yourself time, enjoy the journey.

You can discuss with the qualified instructors before and after class if you have questions or feedback, and inform us of any injuries. You can also email Lou info@welltrained.co.nz with any questions you may have and feedback.

The best time to start is now, your future self will thank you!


We are HOT! With a QUALITY wide range of classes available and the studio is very much hands on owner operated.

Studio is heated, helping your mobility, flexibility, cardiovascular system, increasing your heart rate and burning more calories plus helping to sweat toxins. 

Well Trained is very unique, with a stunning studio space and natural light. It is warm and inviting and our goal is to encourage wellness. The studio is unpretentious and friendly, with good vibes and community. Enjoy.


Something you are comfortable in. Yoga or gym leggings or shorts, a sports to/singlet/T-shirt. Bring a towel for your mat or we can rent you one for $3. Extra towel if you wish to shower on site. Mats are $2 to rent. Bring a water bottle, we have a water fountain on site and also sell bottled water.


Classes range in temperature, this is a guide for you in terms of what to expect:

We run the studio at a temperature ensuring you can still perform the poses and not be overcome by the heat. 

The Inferno classes and Hot Yoga Flow sit between 33-35 degrees.

The hottest being the Hot Bikram Yoga which will range from 37-39 degrees.


All our classes are available and beneficial to a wide variety of people, of different ages, abilities and body types. 
Children sweat differently to adults and may struggle more with the heat. We set age limits to 13 years +. Under 18's must be accompanied by a suitable and responsible guardian or parent. Adults, you are responsible for yourselves!