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Yes. Modifications and advancements are offered in classes. If you are new, give yourself time, it will take a few classes to get your groove and fully follow along, and that's fine. Every body is at different stages and the Well Trained instructors understand this. They are here to help and to challenge you. See the potential in you and give you every class to always improve on your self and your practice. Every class you will gain something new. Try all the classes and find your favourite. There are many benefits from each class and it is good to have variety in your practice.

Demos are given in all classes except the Hot Bikram 60 and 90 where the instructor cues verbally and this class is without music. You can follow with the regular practitioners and give yourself time, enjoy the journey.

You can discuss with the qualified instructors before and after class if you have questions or feedback, and inform us of any injuries. You can also email Lou info@welltrained.co.nz with any questions you may have and feedback.

The best time to start is now, your future self will thank you!


We are HOT! Our classes are mostly all heated, and this helps you with mobility, flexibility and increases your cardiovascular system, increasing your heart rate and burning more calories plus helps to sweat toxins. 

Well Trained is unique, with a stunning, admirable studio space and natural light. It is warm and inviting and our goal is to encourage wellness. The studio is unpretentious, friendly with good vibes and community. You are welcome and you will be well looked after!


We all have to work together to keep community and our selves well, and strong.

Please wash your hands before and after class, wipe down your mats with paper towels and sanitiser provided. Everyone is signed in to class electronically and we have QR codes on display on the front door and at reception. We clean after every class, every day and practice social distancing. There are tapes on the floor for you to place your mat, ensuring you have enough room around you and can praactice with space.

The studio and bathrooms, showers are cleaned every day and before each class. 

If you are unwell or have been in contact with someone who is unwell please stay home. We can offer online Zoom classes until you are better, just ask.​ Stay strong, stay well, stay Well Trained.​​


You can see the timetable and book classes via the Mindbody app. Download, search for Well Trained, favourite us and get booking! Link here, or email Lou info@welltrained.co.nz and she can do this for you. Pre booking isn't essential, you can show up for class and get signed in then, it just means your spot is secured in advance if you pre book. If you have to, please cancel in good time to make space for someone else.


Classes range in temperature, this is a guide for you in terms of what to expect:

We run the studio at a temperature ensuring you can still perform the poses and not be overcome by the heat. The heat benefits your body and muscles in many ways, you are already warmed up before class begins, it works your cardiovascular, improves skin quality, soothes muscles, makes you more mobile, supple, flexible and you will sweat toxins.

Inferno Hot Pilates and Hot Vinyasa sits between 33-37 degrees.

The hottest being the Hot Bikram 60 and 90 yoga which will range from 38-42 degrees.

Yin/Slow Flow is non heated, room will sit around a comforting 28-32 degrees.


Something you are comfortable in. Yoga or gym leggings or shorts, a sports top and singlet or tee. Bring a towel for your mat or we can rent you one for $3. Extra towel if you wish to shower on site. Limited towels for purchase. Mats $39 for purchase or rent $2. Bring a water bottle, we have a water fountain on site and also sell bottled water.


Please be respectful of everybody. There are no judgements at this studio and every one is welcome. 

A good tip is to listen to your body, try your best, and get over any ego. Give yourself time to practice and get used to the movements and the benefits you gain from each and every class.

Try not to eat a heavy meal 1-2 hours before class. Electrolytes, coconut water, and magnesium will help with hydration . Please drink water and hydrate 6-12 hours before class. Refuel your body with nutritious food to help with wellness, recovery, and include protein for muscle repair.

Any other questions, just ask!


All our classes are available and beneficial to a wide variety of people, of different ages, backgrounds, abilities and body types. 
Children sweat differently to adults and may struggle more with the heat. We set age limits to 8years+ for the slow flow and vinyasa yoga, 12years+ for pilates, 14+ for the Hot Bikram Yoga 60 min. 16+ for the 90 min. Under 18's must be accompanied by a suitable and responsible guardian or parent. Adults, you are responsible for your selves! 


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