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Owner, operator and instructor, Lou loves good vibes, community, hot yoga, and a Hot Pilates enthusiast! Grateful to share her passion and business offerings to the community. She thrives on delivering a good time to others and loves seeing fast results and improvements. Helping each individual help themselves - via fitness, mindset, wellness and self development and understanding every one and every body is different. Lou is experienced in a very dynamic and broad range of fitness styles, her favourite being hot classes. Continually upskilling to deliver her best, and having spent years gaining experience and knowledge from some of the most amazing, reputable studios worldwide. Now offering you an amazing studio space and amazing classes to practice and improve on your self positively. Qualified Group Fitness Instructor, Level 1 and 2 Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and part time hairdresser, Lou has bundles of passion, motivation and enthusiasm. Aways genuinely happy to help, you will be well looked after.

Lou - Owner, Operator, Instructor 


Upon experiencing the transformational power of Yoga and Meditation, Yasmin knew she needed to share it with as many people as possible. She has now been teaching for over 6 years and practising for 10. Yasmin's Yoga sessions draw on a variety of ideas and techniques from ancient yogic philosophies while incorporating an understanding of physiology, anatomy and modern psychology to help guide the body and the mind to wellness.

You will love Yasmin's calm, positive and enlightening energy. She teaches Yoga Fusion with Lou Tuesday 6.30am and Weds 5.30pm, Vinyasa Monday 5.30pm and Slow Flow every fortnight on a Tues at 7pm.

Look out for her upcoming teacher training!

Yasmin - Vinyasa Yoga Instructor


Meet Celia. She is confident, knowledgeable and funny. Also an amazing Bikram Yoga Instructor! Her yoga journey began in 2009 when she was invited to a local studio. She then took a leap of faith in 2014 and quit her full-time job, to attend her first Vinyasa Yoga teacher training. Since then, Celia has attended various training programmes and her style of class is influenced by her education in Psychology, Yoga, and Massage.

She hopes to enable practitioners to feel free and safe on their mats, to practice whatever yoga may mean to them that day. 

Afterall, it is not about just touching your toes; it is about what you learn and feel on the way down. 

Celia - Hot Bikram Yoga Instructor


"Hi! I’m Craig. Looking forward to meeting you in person but first here’s a little about me. Part nomad, part crazy and part yogi.. Brisbane, 2008 was the year I started this yoga journey and Las Vegas, 2009 was the year the teaching journey began. I love life, the world we live in and the yoga we practice. Yoga for me has become the love of life which gives a life of love. See you soon and let me help you strengthen your practice. You learn something new every class!"

Craig  - Hot Yoga Instructor


Certified Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor. Steve is a cool and collected in his style of teaching, always ready to give you an amazing workout! The black fish in the studio is Steve junior (pictured) named after Steve senior. Meet them both. Steve senior teaches the Pilates.

Steve Hilson - Inferno Hot Pilates


Lucy's yoga adventure started in 2010 as a way to build strength and flexibility for sports and very much focused on the physical benefits of yoga. Over the last few years, she has developed a passion for slow yoga and the mental benefits of yoga as a way to create balance in life. Now, more than ever, life is so demanding. We get stretched in every direction so showing up on your mat is a mental escape from the busy world. Feeling lucky to be to of completed her yoga teacher training this year - pandemic or not she did it! 
Come to Lucy's relaxation and much needed Yin and Yoga Nidra class, every Tues fortnight 7pm

Lucy Wu - YIN / Yoga Nidra Instructor


The studio has a great vibe, Lou’s a fantastic trainer with loads of energy! I've never done Inferno Hot Pilates before and went into the session with no expectations. It's a fantastic workout and will definitely go again!

Aman - Testimonial


Mate that Hot Yoga class was awesome! Been wanting to try for 10 years. My back felt amazing. I came straight home and tried to find somewhere local to do yoga. Nothing. You guys will see me again. Was just awesome 👌 

Norman - Testimonial


I love going to Well Trained. Lou the owner is an awesome chick, she has an amazing aura, nothing is ever a problem, she makes you feel welcome and genuinely follows up on your progress. Customer service is everything to me. I plan to sign up as a member. The instructors deliver clear instructions and are super supportive. They don’t push you, they motivate you.
Note: do not be scared of the heat, you will get used to it. It helps you bend and stretch better. The studio is clean and smells great before and after class. Participants are of all ages, shapes and sizes with different levels of fitness, everyone is welcome. Give it ago with a friend or two. The studio offers a range of classes if you just want to Zen or need a burning workout. Try one of the trial offers first. I did.

Jasmine Samuel - Testimonial


I really enjoy coming to the 6.30am classes. Perfect timing, very clean environment and very friendly and nice instructors. Thanks!

Sunita Kumar - Testimonial


Your motivation style and enthusiasm is the best! Always thoroughly enjoy and greatly look forward to the classes.

Dean Stone - Testimonial


Definitely got my ass kicked in Craigs 90 minute Hot Yoga class! But it was worth it and I will be back. Such an awesome workout!! Craig is clear with his instructions, patient and calmly motivates beginners to challenge themselves. Accept the challenge!

Jasmine -  Testimonial


Love the Core and Glutes class. Epic, fun, entertaining, and powerful. Thanks I will definitely be back again soon!

Cynthia Boisvert - Testimonial


Positive and encouraging, you make everyone feel welcome. It feels great to be a part of that. I love Lou’s classes, online and in person. She’s a positive and expert teacher and I can see the benefits. I’m stronger and the classes are helping my recovery from from a shoulder injury. And because the classes are low impact I’m confident. Lou also has great music and manages every individuals needs very well. Thankyou!

 Gill Palmer - Testimonial


Thanks for pushing me to do my best. I always feel great afterwards and get a good sweat on, thankyou!

Ruby Abraham - Testimonial


Awesome Vinyasa class, great workout!

Lina Yang - Testimonial

Well Trained

Lou is a superb fitness instructor! Love the clear instruction, directions, knowledge on muscle groups. Also love your playlists in group classes, and what gets me through is your laughter and humour. Thankyou!

Sarah Spencer - Testimonial


You are so passionate and energetic everytime you teach and I love it! Thanks Lou.

Lotti Kurusa - Testimonial


Classes are always well planned and seeing a noticable difference fast. Lou also trained me during lockdown. I'm usually a couch potato and did at least one class a day with Lou online and loved every one. I am feeling so much better. My plank holds, technique and cardio improved fast. It was lots of fun, and now have an regular fitness routine, when in Auckland I'm in her classes, otherwise we do online Zoom!

Belinda - Lou's Mum x

1 Jack Conway Ave

Brilliant and great energy. Lou is very focused on making sure you get the best workout and designed to your body type. I always feel so fulfilled after her classes. Very motivating and funny, and love her music! She’ll get your body in shape in no time. Looking forward to next class!

Emilie Colson - Testimonial


Kind, patient and knowledgable yoga teacher. I enjoyed the class!

Ahmed - Testimonial


Always feels so positive.

Harcharn - Testimonial


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